No, really, don’t wash it in washing machine, especially if it is wet, please. Leather is designed to be dry, and in order to do so it needs to be kept dry. And as you know, leather is not very absorbent (this fact has been known for centuries) so it may look as though you’re just about done washing it when you get one finger under the sleeve and realize there is a huge puddle under it.

While men’s leather jacket uk is made from dead animals’ skin, they are often viewed as one of the few “good” accessories a man can wear. However, most people do not have access to a professional cleaner or the knowledge on how to properly care for their jackets. That’s where this guide comes into play.

Best Way to Put Leather Jacket in the Washing Machine

The best way to put a leather jacket in the washing machine is on a cold wash cycle, which will ensure it is completely dried out by the end, and then dry it outdoors in the sun, and then keep it dry. Don’t put it in a washing machine if it is soaking wet though, as you are simply agitating and removing the waterproof coating, which can cause a seam to come loose, and thus the jacket will not be waterproof any more.

Cleaning Your Leather Jacket

Cleaning leather is one of the best ways to maintain a leather jacket’s longevity. When washing, you must get rid of the wet coats with soap and water, preferably more than once, and then allow it to completely dry out before putting the jacket in the machine again.

Drying Your Leather Jacket

Leather can get pilled or look dusty very quickly so it is important to ensure that the jacket is kept as dry as possible. If you wear your jacket more often than your wash, put it in the dryer after a wash cycle. Alternatively, keep the jacket on the radiator while you wash, just to keep the worst of the dampness off it.

Wear and Tear

Leather will wear in fairly quickly, especially if you treat it gently. If you aren’t using it, clean it with a soft brush and water and let it dry, and when you are going to use it again, give it a good spray with clear shoe polish to help fight against scuffs, and a small dab of leather conditioner to make it softer. Don’t use any harsh chemicals such as coat conditioner, it can destroy the leather.

Leather Tanning

To make a leather jacket that can take plenty of wear and tear, and still be water-resistant, you can apply a layer of leather tanning. This will give the jacket a thin, resilient leather coating, which will also protect it against any stains that may occur, and will give it a beautiful patina that lasts for years.

Easily washable and durable, this is one item that will last you for years! But if you want something much less risky, there are many cheaper and easier ways to stain your jacket and make it look really cool.

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